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September 16, 2023

  It’s been a while since I’ve written in here because I haven’t been called into the Imaginal much. This isn’t because the realm is inaccessible, just that it hasn’t felt appropriate to go there. My attention has been focused on the Pearl Body and the ego. For a couple weeks, the Pearl Body had been foremost in my experience and then my ego had a reaction to it. It’s no big deal - it’s common for the ego to freak out. It knows on some level that its reality is fragile and based on concepts of self and other. It uses the physical body as a proxy for the support of Being, holding onto the body very tightly and out of fear of losing it.  The ego isn’t separate from Being–or the Pearl Body for that matter–but its awareness is limited. It’s useful for the Pearl Body to arise and for the perception of the ego as not separate from it to arise as well. After a while, though, the ego begins to wake up to its tenuous nature and this brings a lot of reactivity. Memories from childhood surface wh