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June 8. 2022

  The Imaginal is the realm of myth, poetry, dreams and nightmares. It’s no wonder that people easily lose their way because there is no map and nothing is ever the same. It’s constantly shifting according to the participant’s experiences. In some ways, it’s like the physical world in that our senses only approximate reality but the approximation is much more severe. If you try to use your rational mind to deduce what’s happening, you’ll get thoroughly confused. You should also not attempt to read too much into your experiences there.They point toward truths but, like the visions of oracles, the truth pointed toward is hazy at best. I feel like human life is richer when the physical experience occurs in tandem with the spiritual experience. Together, the physical and spiritual make a whole. Together, guidance can function with more accuracy. Together, life has meaning beyond the flatness of three dimensions. Today was another vision with religious overtones. At first, I found myself in

June 6, 2022

  I’ve had a few Imaginal experiences over the past several weeks that seem to have a common theme, that of offering. The heart is the organ of perception in these experiences, just like the others and love is a prevalent theme. What is love but a combination of affection for and drawing close/merging with something. What is this love for? Ultimately, the heart loves the truth is drawn to it, will do anything for it without hesitation or reservation. The journeys into the Imaginal happen during meditation after my consciousness has settled and an inner atmosphere of allowing is prevalent. I welcome everything into my experience without getting attached to it. My feeling is that if something is arising, there is a reason for this and, if I just sit with it and allow it to show up more fully, understanding will happen. So, there’s will; i.e., the ability to remain with experience. This is the belly center. The mind center is active as well, providing insight and discrimination. I don’t t