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January 30, 2024: A Black Bodhisattva

  “A Black Bodhisattva” I’ve had a few journeys in January but haven’t written them down in here because mostly they’ve been about sitting in Presence, both in the physical world and other realms, sometimes accompanied by others like me.  Today, I found myself in a dark cave. Being in blackness is a hallmark of my journeys lately. I’ve realized that I can see in the blackness even though, well, everything is black. I never realized that it’s possible to discriminate between different ‘shades’ of black. This doesn’t mean the ‘shades’ are different colors or lighter or darker; they’re all black. So, there is no difference. And yet there is. This seems weird and contradictory but it feels important. More than important, it feels necessary.  Humanity has created a vast, dark basement of suffering and conflict and negative karma filled with all manner of tortured beings. Being able to see in the darkness is required. Even more important is the ability to stay in touch with the true nature o

January 1, 2024

  The mystery deepens. I haven’t been having the usual journeys lately. You know, the ones where I meet a soul that is trapped and help to free it. These may be over, for now at least. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been journeying, though. When I’ve been invited lately, my ‘job’ has been to hold the space, maintaining the channel between the depth of Being and wherever I happen to be. This seems to be a necessary function, one that allows transformation to happen. So, I’m still a catalyst of sorts. I get the sense there aren’t many beings like me who have developed this capacity and we are in demand. The feeling is that simply by being present wherever I am, I am helping things to unfold. In this sense, I understand what ‘they’ mean when they say that we are doing the Work for all beings. It’s not just a quaint saying. Today, I awoke with a heavy heart that didn’t quite feel like my own. I don’t quite understand what was going on, just that the feeling in my heart wasn’t exactly per