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October 26, 2023

  Baba Yaga and the Greek god, Pan. Both, I see, have been deeply misunderstood by humans. I’m realizing that we humans tend to distort the images we encounter in the Imaginal and bring back confusing messages as a result. I’m not saying that my interpretation of these images in the Imaginal is necessarily more straightforward but I don’t perceive the evil or trickery associated with these beings. Of course, these images are being spun out of my personal imagination and the real entities I meet probably are quite different in their own realms. We are just meeting in the in-between realm of the Imaginal and thus we appear quite different. For instance, I know that my own appearance in the Imaginal is very different from my physical form. There are similarities, though. I’m realizing that these Imaginal journeys have very little to do with my personal inner work. They happen because I’m receptive and available to them. I suppose my inner development plays a role, too. I don’t know very m

October 20, 2023

  This morning the ‘Eye of the Heart’ was open in a clear way that I haven’t experienced for a while. This is not to say that my heart is completely clarified; there’s still a lot of polishing to be done. It just means that it was easier to perceive and things had a startling clarity. I don’t know how long this clarity will last but it doesn’t seem to relate to my inner work. Rather, these journeys, while deeply touching, aren’t for my benefit. I view them more a service that I gladly perform. This morning I was back in the gray wood of yesterday (where I met that giant spider.) This time, a veiled woman holding a lantern was waiting for me. She was clad in white and hunched over. The veils covered her face. Only her gnarled hand was visible as it clutched the lantern. I knew she was not human. She reminded me of one of the Fates from Greek mythology. She was neither good nor evil, those words don’t really have much meaning in the Imaginal. I was very awed by her and bowed deeply, hono

October 19, 2023

  I don’t have an Imaginal journey per se to write about but the Imaginal was involved. I'm on a retreat right now and have noticed that my heart center seems kind of blocked. It’s not critical because I’m aware of it and it doesn’t mean that I’ve suddenly become a raging asshole. Still, I have been curious about the reason. During meditation today, I saw all three of my ego structures pretty clearly. And, I know this sound weird, but by three I mean the ego structures from each of my human lives. It makes me wonder if the ego doesn’t really disappear after we die but at least part of it hangs on even after we have been reincarnated. I’ve always thought the ego can’t live long after the body dies because it’s entire existence seems rooted in holding onto the body. Maybe it doesn’t disappear, though? Maybe it exists until it had been worked through? I don’t know. It’s not like there are a lot of people out there who might have insight into this. I get the sense that spiritual teache