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May 10, 2022

  On Sunday, I visited another one of what I’m referring to as the ‘jeweled realms’ - i.e., realms entered through the jewels in the center of the tree of immortality. This one felt like the center realm and appeared as a bluish-green pearl. Inside, it appeared just like heaven in the Hindu tradition. A place of pure bliss, infinite beauty and incredible peacefulness. Lotus flowers, water, soft light and radiant beings were common themes here. It felt like a place one could dwell in perfect contentment. The fact that many of the denizens–which were made of light but appeared physical–had blue ‘skin’ made me think of my Apis, the blue-skinned being who seems to serve as my protector. Was this his world? The experience did not last but I didn’t mourn its loss because it’s not like it went anywhere. It’s available when needed. After this, I had a repeat of an experience that has been happening quite a bit recently: I meet a pair of entities who are linked in some way. Usually, they are op