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May 2, 2021

  Yesterday, I was back to my resistance against Christianity and it’s not like my resistance went away with a poof of smoke but I did feel it lessening. The theme was of queerness and how queerness isn’t an accident, it’s woven into the very tapestry of Christianity and has been since the beginning. The hatred, bigotry and discrimination that Christians have shown against queers doesn’t represent the true state of the religion. The religion itself is queer through and queer, just as it celebrates all genders. It seems strange to write this because I hear Christians say bigoted and homophobic things all the time. Also, one of the previous themes was that all is sacred, even the profane. It’s hard to square this with the way Christianity shows up in my ‘voyages’ to the Imaginal but there is no taint of hatred, homophobia, sexism or discrimination there. Everything and everyone is welcome. If I were to guess, I would say that all the negative stuff gets cleansed from the soul as it makes