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July 30, 2022

  The recovery of the memories from another past life continues. I have to say that I don’t get these people you read about who ‘remember’ being a Persian princess or a sultan or a harem dancing girl in a past life. So far, I haven’t uncovered anything glamorous or even particularly appealing. This past life, like the other one (the one I call Lucas), was difficult. I don’t get the impression that I lived very long. This one seems to have taken place somewhere in what is now Nepal of China or Tibet. Somewhere Buddhist, I think, because I remember being a student in a monastery. Based on the visions of an arid mountain plateau with hazy blue skies and vultures sailing overhead, it feels like it could be Nepal or Tibet. It was an unforgiving landscape, one that I don’t find appealing. It had an austere beauty, I suppose, but it was harsh. Life in the monastery was harsh, unforgiving…much like the landscape. The monks were not kind and I wasn’t treated very well. I get the sense that I wa

July 14, 2022

  He crossed the threshold this morning. Hecate, or at least the entity who seems like her, appeared during my meditation today, opening a doorway onto the other side. The doorway was into blackness, a familiar place that I’ve visited many times. When I tried to cross over the threshold, though, she stopped me, telling me that he–the past life that I’ve been aware of for a while now–needed to take the steps himself. I looked through the doorway. On my side, it was filled with golden light and, on the other, it was pure darkness. This was his self-imposed prison, the place of his fitful dreaming and waking nightmares. The place he exiled himself after death. It’s a place I know because it was the place I visited after crossing the bardo. Some call it hell. And it’s where I met the entity that I think was probably Lucifer. The caretaker of that place, the one who assists the damned in their journey, coaxing them toward release and freedom. It’s a dark and cold place but not frightening o

July 12, 2022

Not much has been happening on the Imaginal front during my meditations but last night I awoke and was aware, as sometimes happens, of the presence of souls of the recently deceased. They show up in my consciousness like luminous butterflies or fireflies. I welcomed them and wished them well on their journey. I was a little surprised when, a moment later, their guide appeared as well. This doesn’t usually happen. In fact, the only time it’s happened for me in the past was before and usually after encountering a stuck or lost soul. Usually, a guide would lead me to the soul, wait for me to help free it, and then carry it away again as it proceeded on its journey.\ This guide seemed familiar and I’m sure I’ve met her before. She had a very distinct aura that was reminiscent of Mary Magdalene but a little different. Unlike Mary, she didn’t seem like someone who had been incarnated before; i.e., she had never been a physical being. Her spirit was both grounded and ethereal at the same time

July 9. 2022

  I know you’re going to think I’ve truly gone over the edge when I report that I’ve been uncovering another past life. I haven’t wanted to believe–and I’m still skeptical–but the evidence is pretty clear. It started a couple of week ago when I became aware of certain impressions that were first-person. In other words, unlike my usual experiences in the Imaginal, the impressions felt like my own memories, although they clearly happened to another person. The impressions of this other person are deeply buried and defended. I can feel tension in my left side, especially my left arm and the left side of my chest all the way up the left side of my neck and my head. The inner view is very tight. It’s an obscure, greyed-out blockage and it feels heavy. There is a strong feeling of superego judgment. Even more, this other ‘me’ believes the judgment is justified. He has the feeling of being wrapped in harsh self-judgment. There’s so much self-judgment that it’s like a deep depression. I get th