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December 2, 2024

  Today, I found myself in a woods filled with young trees. It was misty and I could only see the slim trunks of the trees. They had veins of gold running through them and shone with a soft light. Nearby was a glade and in the center was a mound of white earth, a grave. I approached and sat down by the grave, sensing into it. I could ‘see’ the buried bones of a man’s body. They were so delicate that they were no more than chalk. Barely more than an impression of the body remained. Acting on inspiration, I lay down over the grave. Somehow I knew that if I disinterred the body, it would crumble; however, if I lay down and offered my body to him, he might possess me and thereby regain a form. Soon, he had entered me and we were two existing in the same soul body. I stood and looked up; the gray mist overhead gave way and golden light poured down. Several angels descended, jubilant and offering their greetings to the man inside me. Something immense and black appeared, hovering in the air