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November 29, 2021

  There is something about being seen that is important to the development of the soul. I know from reading child psychology textbooks as part of my training in the Diamond Approach that what parents and others see in a child is what develops. For some reason, I hadn’t thought of this in terms of the human soul but it’s the same thing: That which is seen--either by us or by others--is what develops. From the perspective of non-duality, the maxim still holds, although, of course, there is only one ‘seer’ in the nondual realm. The act of seeing causes development, evolution. And it doesn’t even necessarily need to be visual seeing - it’s the act of perceiving, whether visual or otherwise, that causes things to happen. Maybe I could further reduce it down to witnessing. There is something alchemical in the act of witnessing. I write this because I’ve realized that much of my experience in the Imaginal Realm has to do with witnessing. My witnessing of other souls who are stuck helps them t

November 28, 2021

  For the past month, my meditations have mostly been focused on developing the belly center. For the first time in my life, I have been able to maintain focus down there. The belly has been my most problematic center, probably due to my fixation as a Three on the Enneagram. Threes are constant doers, performers, but their actions are false and don’t come from the depth. It’s the same way with meditation; I tend not to have access to the depth of the belly center. There has historically been a block between my heart and belly. I can get about midway to the belly center and then encounter the block. The belly feels blank, almost numb. This may be changing. It’s interesting that a lot of father issues have come up as I sink into the belly center and allow myself to open to it. These started with my biological father and continued to God the Father. It’s interesting that I have encountered God as Father in my meditations and He shows up as a gentle corrective to the so-called toxic mascul