January 31, 2021

 Today, I followed my teacher Bob’s advice again and simply meditated, keeping my attention on the Kath center. While this meant that I ‘resisted’ being pulled into any other states of consciousness, I found that I enjoyed the simplicity of a meditation. I was aware of being connected to other realms while I meditated but the focus was on the meditation and not the other realms. This was refreshing and revitalizing; I hadn’t realized how much energy I expend when I’m drawn into other realms. 

The quality and feeling of my meditation has changed, opened up so that even though I wasn’t ‘going’ anywhere, I felt more deeply connected to the Absolute as the source of all being. This seems more important than traveling to other realms because, as much as I hate to admit it, this traveling does pull me away from the focus on Being which is the whole reason for doing inner work in the first place. 

I think going forward I will take a break from journeying and focus on simply being. I may decide to do a second meditation every few days or so and allow myself to journey during those meditations but my morning meditation needs to be primarily focused on the sitting practice. 

Like I said, I hate to admit it but Bob is right. Other realms of Being are important but they should never supplant the practice of meditation. They shouldn’t be rejected or ignored (I *was* closing myself off from them) but they aren’t the primary thing. Also, there is something to the revitalization of simply being meditation.


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