April 16, 2021

Today, I think I visited the place where my people died or maybe where they were buried. I found myself with Griffin by my side and we were standing on the ruins of possibly some fortified location or maybe a barrow. It was hard to tell exactly, although I recognized it and immediately felt a connection. The place was covered in tall, green grass and was barely more than a large mound. There were places here and there where the remains of stone walls poked out amidst the grass. I stood there, leaning against Griffin and feeling both a connection to my long dead people and also their presence. There was something going on there that I didn’t understand. This wasn’t just a visit to pay our respects but something else. I got the sense that Griffin knew more than I did. It felt significant but in what way I don’t know.

It’s weird having both personalities alive inside me at the same time. There is my current personality with my character traits and then this other, earlier one that feel like it lives closer to my core. The traits of this personality are different because this ‘me’ is young and naive and does not possess even a fraction of my knowledge of the world and how it works. 

I still have no idea what's going on. These strange experiences are different from fantasy and imagination but that doesn’t mean I trust them completely. They make me curious and are reshaping my experience of reality in some way. I feel like the pieces are slowly coming together as more is revealed but I could also just be hallucinating.

Who knows?

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