April 19. 2021

 “Hell is a maximum security prison where the guards are trying to free the prisoners.”

A couple days ago, I experienced visiting the place of the death of my clan and myself while the embers were still glowing and everything was charred. I was aware of Griffin there with me and we simply walked through the wreckage together. That was it.

I took a break from the Imaginal yesterday and simply meditated.

This morning, I was back at the gates of hell. It was clear this is where I was because it appears like black prison of despair. I was on the outside looking up at the dark towers, hearing the shrieking of the demons and the damned.

At the same time, I knew I was on sacred ground and the perception of hell as divine and sacred was almost as strong as the perception of its darkness. The bleakness of the place is due to the suffering of the so-called damned. It was a strange sensation because I think most souls perceive hell as the former and not as the latter. Yet, it is both. From the perspective of the Divine, Lucifer is the Light-Bringer, sent to redeem the damned. From the perspective of the tortured souls, though, my guess is that Lucifer appears as the devil...at least at first. My guess is that gradually as these souls are redeemed they begin to perceive the greater reality and recognize him as one who is working diligently for their redemption.

I have to say here that I’ve never been a big believer in Hell. I’ve thought it was a tool used by the Christian church to subjugate people, keep them in line. It has never made sense to me that souls would be damned for eternity, continually tortured for their sins. This different view of Hell makes sense, though. There is no punishment, no torture inflicted on the souls of the damned. Rather, the damage is all self-inflicted and it is the sacred duty--done out of love and dedication to humanity and the Divine Truth--of the ‘demons’ to redeem these lost souls. It’s a tough job because the damned believe so firmly in their badness, that they don’t deserve redemption or forgiveness. Speaking as one who is generally a good person, I know how darned difficult it is to accept that all is sacred, the evil as well as the good. The Divine doesn’t reject anything or anyone; we’re all holy, all deserving. Mostly, though, we don’t recognize this because the split between good and evil, dark and light, is so extreme. But, really, could it be any other way?

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