April 24, 2021

This morning it was a new entity. If I am interpreting it correctly, she was the sister of the one I call Lucifer. First, I saw a moon on high in the deepest night. There was a swirl and then I saw her, a being of night wrapped in a midnight cloak and bearing a sword similar to Lucifer only hers was the purest black. The sword of the Absolute, the bringer of peace, the bearer of power. The sword was a marvelous thing to behold, so sharp and so black. It shone with the absence of light and was quite beautiful. I knew that it could cut through anything, just like Lucifer’s.

This angel of night observed me closely. I bowed to her, perceiving the Divine through her. I was deeply touched. She said, “My brother told me about you and I had to see for myself.” She raised her sword and pushed into my chest, piercing my heart with ease. I felt no pain, though. It was like the touch of love and truth at the same time.

She was rendered mute by what she saw. I could tell she was moved and I was moved by her. There was an intimacy to the touch of her sword, like a lover’s kiss. Once it’s inside you, it never really leaves.

“So it is true. It is possible. It is possible for humans to become like thus,” she said. “There are so few of you.”

She was talking about me but I felt no pride. Instead, I felt sadness. Why are there so few humans who come here? I felt humbled. Deeply humbled. And also responsible. This place, whatever it is, is part of a every human being’s birthright. Why do so few make it?


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