January 11, 2021

Note: In this entry, you can see that I was still confusing the Imaginal with the fifth Bardo. The two overlap, of course, but the fifth Bardo is a subset of the overall Imaginal. The Imaginal has many levels and apparently an infinite number of realms.

The bloom is off the rose at this point with the Imaginal Realm, or whatever it is. I don’t doubt its reality as much as I used to but I see its limitations more clearly. From my experience, once you become accustomed to the wonder of the realm, you begin to see that it’s deeply flawed. It seems to be a repository for unresolved issues from the physical world. In other words, it’s almost like a purgatory (to use a Christian term) where tortured souls reside, stuck in the vicissitudes of their past and unable to move beyond it without help. There is more to it than that, of course, but it sort of rings true.

I also wonder if the Imaginal is the realm that people visit when they have near-death experiences. It sure seems to be like that with the meeting of ancestors and the wondrous, luminous experience that greets you at first. Those who have near-death experiences don’t tend to linger for long in the Imaginal, certainly not long enough to see its limitations. It comes across as so fantastical and brilliant and inspires such awe that you don’t notice the rest until later. Even though time passes more slowly in the Imaginal, these people are still only in it for about a half hour of physical reality time, certainly not enough to become intimately familiar with it.

Now, there *is* purifying fire and there’s a lot more going on there than souls working through their issues. Still, the flaws of the physical world appear to be mirrored in the Imaginal. It is a place of soaring beauty and gorgeous, transcendental states and beings. It is also a realm of desire, passion, denial, suffering, forgetting, confusion and despair.

This morning started out similarly to yesterday. This time, rather than riding a golden Chinese dragon, it was a golden chariot pulled by golden steeds. This led up to the moon where the chariot set me down inside a crystalline cave. Inside the cave was a crystalline dragon, very beautiful to behold. I recognized the dragon as the ‘monster’ I had encountered in the black pit yesterday. It seems that it had transformed as a result of our interaction.

Things get a little embarrassing here. My soulmate, Griffin, accompanied me as always. It seems that Griffin’s sexual appetites are legendary and aren’t just restricted to males. He took a lurid interest in the dragon which was feminine and could manifest in a human form that was quite appealing to Griffin. He ended up getting it on with the dragon and I was forced to participate somewhat because Griffin and I are linked. It was a weird experience and eye-opening as well. Griffin might be linked to me but he has his own proclivities and he’s a bit of a slut. This was eye-opening for me and I’m still exactly sure how I feel about it. Perhaps we’re not destined to be bonded as permanently as I thought?

It feels really weird writing about this and I really hope no one else but me ever reads this. Ugh.

Anyway, after that experience, I was allowed to pass by the dragon and travel deeper into the cave. It eventually opened up into a vast, open-air chamber. Within the chamber was a black city made of obsidian. It appeared to be abandoned, though. It was quite something, witnessing this darkly beautiful place but, as I watched, it collapsed completely, shattering into frost.

I found myself standing in an open field of frosty mist and frost-covered grasses. The field and fog were illuminated by a white winter sun that turned everything to rainbows. Very beautiful and touching. In the center of this lovely, glowing field was an old woman. She was dressed as a shaman and wore white furs and a white headdress with a bird skull on top. There was some recognition between us and we bowed to each other. I don’t believe that I have met her before, though. I think that our connection was our mutual devotion to True Nature. For her part, I got the feeling that she had only recently awakened to the reality of True Nature. Maybe this meeting was a nudge for her along that path?

I’ll be very curious to see where all this goes. It’s been an adventure so far but not an entirely positive one. The main reason I find the Imaginal Realm to be depressing is because it appears that we humans don’t overcome our problems through death. I’m sure there is some amount of awakening and purification that a soul undergoes but it seems like many are saddled with the baggage of their decisions they made when they were alive. Where is the hope in this? There are so many souls and so few who are transformed enough to help others find their way. It seems insurmountable and depressing.


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