October 13, 2021

 A strange and slightly creepy experience in the Imaginal today. I’m aware that, as I put it down in words, it will sound more sinister than it actually was. The prevailing feeling was really one of neutrality, not dread...despite the circumstances.

As I meditated, I became aware once again of being observed. You’ll note that it often takes me a while to figure out what it is that is present because it takes a while for the being to resolve itself in my inner seeing. This one seemed like an alien being and it very well might be an alien being but it might also be a spirit. I’m not sure.

I was aware of clouded, white eyes lodged in a skull that looked sort of like an elephant’s skull or maybe a horse’s. I was reminded of the ‘Flayer’ from Dungeons and Dragons fame, not that I’m very familiar with these invented creatures. It appeared to be floating. It’s body was covered in jet black hair. The hair was midnight and weightless, ruffled by an unseen breeze. The being hovered before me, staring at me with those cloudy eyes. I believe its limbs were skeletal as well. As I write this, it seems clearer that this was no alien but rather a spirit of some sort. Also, as I write this, it sure feels like the being was something out of Asian folklore. I’m not sure what it would be but I’ll Google it and see what comes up.

I bowed to the spirit and reached out to it. It didn’t reject me and as I felt its pitch black hair and sensed its skeletal body, I realized there was something beautiful about it in a strange way. (I know it probably sounds horrible the way I’m describing it but it really wasn’t. That said, I can see how people might find it to be fearsome.)

The creature just hovered there, watching me as if it was evaluating me. There wasn’t anything to do but to hang out with it and allow it to observe me. I went back to my meditation, aware that it was present and also that the entity sitting on my left was likewise present. Neither the creature nor the entity seemed to possess a sense of urgency. This is common in the Imaginal; there is no time so there is no rush. I have learned that frequently things don’t make sense to me but gradually the wisdom is revealed over successive experiences.

As I meditated, I became aware that the creature had been joined by more of its kind. When I looked up, there was a whole host of them floating around me, staring at me with their white eyes. I know I should have felt unnerved but I didn’t. I was curious but not afraid. I don’t think they intended any harm but I also have no idea why they were watching me or why they were drawn to me in the first place.

The meditation ended with a myriad of the beings surrounding me, staring at me. Maybe more will become clear tomorrow?


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