November 29, 2021

 There is something about being seen that is important to the development of the soul. I know from reading child psychology textbooks as part of my training in the Diamond Approach that what parents and others see in a child is what develops. For some reason, I hadn’t thought of this in terms of the human soul but it’s the same thing: That which is seen--either by us or by others--is what develops. From the perspective of non-duality, the maxim still holds, although, of course, there is only one ‘seer’ in the nondual realm. The act of seeing causes development, evolution. And it doesn’t even necessarily need to be visual seeing - it’s the act of perceiving, whether visual or otherwise, that causes things to happen. Maybe I could further reduce it down to witnessing. There is something alchemical in the act of witnessing.

I write this because I’ve realized that much of my experience in the Imaginal Realm has to do with witnessing. My witnessing of other souls who are stuck helps them to unstick themselves. My being witnessed by other entities likewise leads to an inner transformation, an expansion of awareness and (hopefully) healing and transformation. By healing I mean correcting misconceptions through bringing forth what is lacking from those misconceptions. When the misconception is met by a witness, spontaneously that which is missing emerges, meets the soul and corrects the misconception by bringing a fuller view.

This isn’t a passive process. The soul and the Divine are simultaneously and spontaneously engaged and the Essential aspects arise. It’s like a baby being seen lovingly by its parenting figures. The baby isn’t just seen, it's regarded and there is a transmission. The baby feels seen, indeed, it craves to be seen. It's similar with the soul.

The transmission isn’t one-sided. There is a reciprocal transmission. The soul perceives the Divine emissary and participates fully in the perception, bringing forth qualities. Both the seer and the seen are influenced by the act.

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