December 15, 2021

 I had a fews days of rest after the last experience during which my meditations were simply meditations and nothing visited me. I wasn’t bored or worried, though. If my meditations went back to simply being meditations with no further visits into the Imaginal, I would be fine with that. I know that the Imaginal uses me as needed and I don’t use it. My job is to do nothing beyond continue to sit in my meditation practice; the Divine does everything. I’m just a vessel, an ornery and mean-spirited vessel. ;-)

It’s funny how I dislike people in the physical world for the most part. At best, I tolerate them. Mostly, I seek to avoid them. There are very few who I go out of my way to be around. I feel like I get flooded with their inner experiences when I’m near them and it’s exhausting. I want to slap them, tell them to wake up, grow up, or whatever. It’s clear that most people are living their lives upside down; i.e., prioritizing the wrong things, wasting their precious time on this beautiful Earth.

It’s the opposite in the Imaginal. I don’t necessarily fall all over myself when I am led to a lost soul but I am invariably welcoming. It’s probably because the bullshit is over in the Imaginal. It’s no longer possible to deny death, although plenty of souls still do. I guess the thing is that they don’t have the option of ignoring death any longer; it’s there all around them. That tends to make them more receptive to reality.

Today, I was led by a non corporeal entity who sure seems a lot like the Virgin Mary. I don’t know if she was, of course, and she wasn’t there for my benefit. No, she was there to take me to another lost soul.

Her aura was softly radiant blue and she exuded tenderness and mercy. She led me toward a flickering candle in a simple room. The room had white plaster walls and a wood floor. I think there was a small window on the right. The candle sat on a small, wooden table and, in a chair next to the table, sat a man.

He was a big guy, very robust and muscular. His skin seemed to be covered with dried, flaky, white clay or perhaps it was wax. It was hard to tell. Something coated his body, though, and I took it to indicate that he was trapped in some way. My heart immediately filled with compassion when I met him because I could tell he was very sad. He carried a deep sadness inside him that had to do with a young girl, perhaps his daughter. I don’t know for sure but it seemed like he knew that he had died but he was upset at having died when his daughter was still very young. He was filled with sorrow at leaving his daughter defenseless, to carry on somehow without him there to protect and care for her.

What could I do?

Not much is the answer. I could only open to him, share in his sorrow and offer my support. I could also offer to allow him into my body like I had for the previous souls. He took me up on the offer and soon I was filled with his essence. It was like I became him and felt everything that he felt.

I knew my ‘job’ was just to continue meditating and let him have free reign of my body. Like I said, I’m just a vessel and there’s really nothing I can do anyway. Somehow, when these souls take over my body, their experience comes alive and they can begin to live again, working through issues that linger from their physical lives. I wonder if it’s possible to evolve and change in the Imaginal without having a physical body? Maybe it is possible but the entity has to be somewhat awakened? I don’t know and probably won’t know for a while.

What I found interesting was how his experience changed once he entered my body. Whereas at first, he was filled with sorrow, that quickly departed and he became pretty much a normal human with a normal ego. He could let go of his sorrow for a time and experience life where he left off, albeit at any accelerated rate. My meditation ended with him still inside my body and I can feel him in me even as I type this. I don’t know for sure but, if this is like previous experiences, he’ll hang out inside me for a few days and eventually be ready to meet his guide and continue on his journey.

Stay tuned…


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