March 1, 2022

 I feel like such a dope. I didn’t understand the meaning of the word, ‘sacred,’ until today during my meditation. Oh, I’ve tossed it out a lot, especially lately with these journeys into the Imaginal but part of me only understood it as a concept, not as the reality that the word strives to convey. What is sacred? Well, the Divine, of course. But what I understand now is that the Divine shines through everything. Everything is therefore sacred, even the most defiled. This helps me to see the reason that the tortured souls and other entities I’ve met are so important. They, like everything else, are Divine. They are sacred. I’ve known this on some level but now I really see it. And not only that, I see that everything is an emanation of the Divine. This certainly puts the frustrations of my morning and evening commutes in perspective! It’s hard to be angry at other drivers when you recognize their innate divinity!

There is a danger in the reified world of overusing the word, ‘sacred,’ but in the imminence of the Divine, there are no longer concepts; there is only truth and nothing can be overused. Only when the conceptual mind returns and reifies everything do things become stale, static and empty of meaning. There is a potential of the human soul, though, to transcend the conceptual world and then everything is fresh, hopeful, new and powerful.

I have a deeper understanding of what a saint is. A saint is someone whose soul has become clarified to the point of being more or less clarified such that the Divine shines through it. When this happens, the soul becomes catalytic and capable of reaching other souls in a way that wasn’t possible before. It’s nothing the saint does, it’s what the saint is. And other souls that aren’t clarified need the loving presence of a saint in order to be transformed, in order to perceive the Divine, in order to know. Without the saint, an unclarified soul can’t see in the dark. Another way of seeing a saint is someone who not only sees in the dark but who others can see in the dark.

Saint is a mostly Christian term. Bodhisattva is another term that comes from the East. Both point toward the same thing. I’ve been surprised recently during these trips into the Imaginal by the presence of eager disciples, human souls attracted to me. I didn’t call to them, didn’t ask them to find me, didn’t do anything to draw them to me. Yet here they are. And their faces are shining with such hope and joy and exuberance. It’s strange, especially for me, one who is normally prone to such emotions. My inner radiance has been impossible to ignore, though, and I wonder if these so-called adherents are drawn to it. It’s not me that they are drawn to but my radiance, the radiance of the Divine.

Did the ceremony of February 27, the anointing and bestowing of the rich cloak, mark a change? Was this ceremony my sanctification? Am I now a saint? An invisible saint? I don’t like writing those words because they seem like heresy. Who am I to claim such an honor? I’m nothing special, just a lowly human who loves the Divine more and more all the time, in all its guises. Does this path inevitably lead to sainthood?


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