April 11, 2022

 I said goodbye to my fellow traveler today. You know, the guy who was originally frozen in a block of ice (metaphorically, of course) and who spent the past several days with me. I don’t know who he is but I have my suspicions. In any case, I kind of expected him to take leave after yesterday when we emerged from the belly of the whale in the Holy Land. I’m still on the fence about deciding to go the Christian route but am leaning that direction. I realize that it doesn’t require that I go to church or even study the Bible. This is learning through gnosis, presumably from the original teachers. If I had to, I could probably stomach going around and identifying as Christian but the religion has become so tainted that it’s hard for me to swallow it. We’ll see.

We spent much of the meditation in the ‘green realm’ - this is the realm I mentioned in my entry on the Tree of Immortality. I have an affinity for the green realm, maybe because I have a history there. It’s close to nature and the natural world. Full of beauty and wonder. Plants, especially trees, are in the forefront there. We serve the plants, not the other way around. Who knows what my exact connection there is but, again, I have my suspicions.

We sat there meditating together, this man and I. He has the most gentle, calm and steady presence. He’s definitely a practiced seeker for lack of a better word. He’s not really seeking anything, though, having a sense of ease about him. He’s comfortable wherever he finds himself and accepts each new revelation with equanimity. 

He invited me into him in a more complete way than before. There’s always been an intimacy between us but today was special. He really opened himself to me and let me in. It was a very lovely coming together with a straight guy in a way I’ve never experienced before. There wasn’t anything sexual about our union but he didn’t hold anything back, either. He was all there for the taking. I was deeply touched by his offering.

After it was done, he transformed into a being of white light and then departed. I didn’t cry and wasn’t sad but was a bit wistful. I know I’ll meet him again - who knows? Maybe he’ll be one of my future teachers? He was such a rare beauty, such a rare being. I really do hope that I meet him again.


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