April 12, 2022

 Even after all of this time, I still waffle back and forth about whether these experiences are unconscious fantasies dredged up from my imagination or if there is anything real about them. I’m skeptical.

If you take the experiences of the past several days since I started asking for teaching, there is a theme involved, albeit not one that I was expecting when I asked to be taught. The teaching that seems to be emerging has to do with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Imaginal: The jewels in the center of the Tree of Immortality, each representing a portal to another realm. Each day, I’ve visited another realm represented by a jewel. Each realm has its own feeling, it’s own time, it’s own vibe. Why am I being shown this?

The critical part of me thinks this is a stupid teaching. In the past, I’ve just appeared in whatever realm I was led into. Why this part about the jewels in the heart of the Tree of Immortality? It seems redundant. Can’t I already go wherever I need to? It doesn’t seem useful to me…and it’s a little dorky. This isn’t to say that I’m not open to learning more. Certainly, I’ve had my share of Imaginal experiences that start off corny only to transform into something else entirely. The hokey stuff has generally ended up making sense and being profound when the entirety of the experiences is in view. Will that be the case now?

Today’s experience started out in a tourmaline realm. It was similar to the green realm but there was pink as well. I found myself beside a small stream in a glade. The glade was filled with pink flowers. Next to me was the first androgynous being I’ve met (or that I can remember meeting.) In this vision, the being who reminded me of Cybele was a satyr/nymph, both male and female. They were stringing flowers through my hair and were quite welcoming and friendly. I immediately felt bad for my transphobia because it was clear that in nonduality there is no such thing as either/or, male/female, even yin/yang. Such concepts don’t make sense. One can be both/and - you can string as many different facets together as you like. There is no separation, no boundaries, no need to draw divisions. Everything simply is as it is.

The experience didn’t last long but it was long enough for me to learn (or maybe relearn) the wisdom in the above paragraph. I also apologized to the being for my prejudice and pledged to remember the wisdom of no separation going forward. We’ll see if I do!

From there, I was drawn into another jewel realm, a cobalt and white realm. This one was quite different. It was a realm of water and storms and lightning. I was standing on a rock in the midst of a gale and a thundering storm. Waves cracked all around me and there was water as far as I could see. Before me rose an enormous dragon. It was a being of pure energy, something made of the elements and not having a static form. It was cobalt blue with jagged white lightning bolts. The creature observed me with interest as if gauging me. For a long time, I just stood there before it as it watched me. It was reading me, testing me, trying to determine if I was legit, I suppose.

After a while, it must have decided that I was legit because in the sky above it, a being came down. The clouds parted and it descended, another being similar to the dragon in that it was elemental energy but it possessed a humanoid form. Interestingly, its face was blank. Just a perfectly smooth surface of cobalt blue tinged with white lightning. This being greeted me and imparted wisdom about traveling between realms. Mostly, though, ‘he’ just encouraged me to stay with my experience, breathe and allow things to unfold. The gist of his message was that there is nothing to do beyond being open and allowing myself to be led. Over time, the experiences would make more sense.


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