May 10, 2022

 On Sunday, I visited another one of what I’m referring to as the ‘jeweled realms’ - i.e., realms entered through the jewels in the center of the tree of immortality. This one felt like the center realm and appeared as a bluish-green pearl. Inside, it appeared just like heaven in the Hindu tradition. A place of pure bliss, infinite beauty and incredible peacefulness. Lotus flowers, water, soft light and radiant beings were common themes here. It felt like a place one could dwell in perfect contentment. The fact that many of the denizens–which were made of light but appeared physical–had blue ‘skin’ made me think of my Apis, the blue-skinned being who seems to serve as my protector. Was this his world?

The experience did not last but I didn’t mourn its loss because it’s not like it went anywhere. It’s available when needed.

After this, I had a repeat of an experience that has been happening quite a bit recently: I meet a pair of entities who are linked in some way. Usually, they are opposites, one light and one dark. One divine and one human. It varies. But always one of the pair is apparently dead. Usually, they appear as a desiccated mummy with grayish green skin. Often, they are in a sarcophagus of some sort. (Last time, the sarcophagus was the ‘dark’ being of the pair and the ‘light’ being was inside.)

This time, I was led by a little, glowing pink and white fairy. I found this humorous as I followed it through a network of caverns that felt like the body cavities of a giant beast. The tunnels were fleshy and pulsing with a sick, reddish light. The fairy led me to a fleshy sarcophagus and I understood that he wanted me to push off the lid to reveal the ‘corpse’ inside. I did so and was confronted with a desiccated mummy much like previous times. I leaned over the side of the sarcophagus and stared down at the mummy. It was apparently lifeless but it opened its eyes as my face neared its own.

I knew then that I was supposed to allow this ‘mummy’ to feed on my blood, much like a vampire does on a human. This entity wasn’t a vampire, though; it was just drained of life force and needed an infusion of my own to recover.

I let it feed on me to the point where I felt light-headed and nearly drained of ‘blood’. (My blood appeared as liquid red rubies.) If this were happening in the physical world, I would have been afraid but benign drained of blood in the Imaginal didn’t leave me any worse for wear. I understood that I possessed an unlimited quantity and my ‘blood’ was quickly replenished.

When the being was done drinking from me, I saw that he had changed. He was quite formidable and impressive at the same time. Appearing as a dark angel/demon of blue and black and yellow, he had leathery wings like a cicada’s. As he changed, the pink-white fairy also changed, growing to be full-sized.angel with soft, pillowy wings. These two were connected, paired. And they loved each other deeply. This is one of the strange truths of the Imaginal, a place where opposites can’t live fully without each other. Darkness loves light and light loves darkness. Dualities are only dualities until they disappear into each other. This is the act of creation, an explosive coming together like a miniature Big Bang.

After the dark angel was restored and reunited with his light angel, they disappeared.

Another thing that has happened a couple of times is a meeting with the Black Knight (sort of a word play on the Black Night of the Soul, maybe?) I understand him to be a manifestation of the Absolute and the Beloved, a representation of Death. He appears in blackness, wearing shiny black armor. I never see his face. He’s formidable and terrifying and yet I am drawn to him. His presence makes me aware of my deep love for death, for annihilation. Only this has nothing to do with violence and it doesn’t even have to do with dissolving, although there is dissolving, too. It’s more about love. I have a deep and profound love for death, for the Absolute, for non-being. It is the core of who I am and it feels so cleansing, refreshing and revitalizing.

I know none of this makes any sense.


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