June 6, 2022

 I’ve had a few Imaginal experiences over the past several weeks that seem to have a common theme, that of offering. The heart is the organ of perception in these experiences, just like the others and love is a prevalent theme. What is love but a combination of affection for and drawing close/merging with something. What is this love for? Ultimately, the heart loves the truth is drawn to it, will do anything for it without hesitation or reservation.

The journeys into the Imaginal happen during meditation after my consciousness has settled and an inner atmosphere of allowing is prevalent. I welcome everything into my experience without getting attached to it. My feeling is that if something is arising, there is a reason for this and, if I just sit with it and allow it to show up more fully, understanding will happen.

So, there’s will; i.e., the ability to remain with experience. This is the belly center. The mind center is active as well, providing insight and discrimination. I don’t try to figure out the experience, though. Imaginal experiences aren’t rational; they are living symbols that transmit meaning by their presence. They show up in ways that are meaningful to me and thus might appear differently to others. The outward appearance of the entity is less important than the meaning they are communicating. For this reason, I don’t let my mind get involved, parsing through everything and trying to make sense of everything.

My take is that pretty much everything in the physical world is present in the Imaginal, although the form taken by things in Imaginal may be quite different from their appearance in the physical. Most people, for example, appear as inert shadows in the Imaginal. They are entombed in greyness or darkness and appear like they are dead but I guess that asleep is a better way to describe them.

Generally, my body is luminous in the Imaginal and can take pretty much any form. This lightbody can be quite complex, many different colors, intensities and forms, flowing and morphing. Sometimes, it more or less static but never as static as in the physical world. My heart is what draws entities to me in the Imaginal. An awakened heart is overflowing with love and harmony and compassion and is very attractive to others. They are drawn to it.

What is clear is that I don’t own my heart. It doesn’t even belong to me. It’s true that it’s unique in the way it appears but I’m not creating it. In a sense, it’s almost impersonal even though it’s deeply personal. Or maybe objective is a better word. The heart is what it is and I don’t control it. To do so would be offensive. I also don’t control what it does. If sacrifice is required, I will sacrifice everything willingly.

The laws are different in the Imaginal. I can give away my heart entirely and now lose anything. I can sacrifice my blood, my flesh, my body and nothing is harmed. In fact, it’s 

(I got too tired to finish this last entry.)

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