August 22, 2022

 The Universal Heart or the Divine Heart appeared this morning like a radiant lotus blossom. I know Buddhists use the lotus flower as a symbol of enlightenment. For me, it represents not only that but it also is a way the heart appears when it is opening. It blooms in the center of the chest and shines with radiance that is so breathtakingly beautiful. It serves as a beacon and is the representation of the Divine Heart. Shining through us, it is mysterious in that it is both personal and universal. Its radiance is soft but that doesn’t mean it’s weak; quite the opposite! More importantly, the Divine Heart does not belong to us, despite the fact that it shines through us; therefore, it’s outside of the ego’s purview, although the ego will certainly try to claim it as its own.

At the beginning of my meditation, I found myself in the same wood as the day before. That is, the wood that was burning up around me and the boy a few days ago. Also, the same wood that appeared yesterday for us. You’ll recall that the first time the wood appeared, it was an inferno. The second time, it was a spooky crossroads. The trees were skeletal, burned to ash yet still standing. The ground was powdered bone. It was dark, save for an obscure, eerie light. This time, it had changed. It was morning in the wood today and the burned wood held the promise of spring renewal. The trees were white, the ground was white, the fog was white. It felt hopeful, restorative.

This time, the source of light wasn’t obscure: It was coming from within my own heart, the Universal Heart. It bloomed like a lotus flower, spreading its soft, healing, hopeful radiance far and wide.

I was kneeling at the grave of the boy, the place where he died. He lay in a shallow grave and was inaccessible to me, not dead but asleep. The message of the meditation was this: Remember the non-doing practice; there is nothing to do. Stay in your meditation and just let everything be. All will be well, just be still.


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