September 4, 2022

 Today, I meditated for my usual length of time. After the bell sounded, I opened to the entity that was trying to get my attention. A human this time (I think) - this time a young guy who appeared as a vampire with grey skin and pitch black eyes. He fancied himself undead and inhabited a black city. It was clear that this vampiric guise and the city were a defense, something he wrapped himself in to feel better about himself. People stuck in limbo often do this; they invented a world and a persona to inhabit. The problem is that it’s a lie. It’s also quite lonely because this place they have created contains only them. It’s pulled out of their imagination and therefore is recursive - it’s always self-referential. People inevitably become lonely and these places become prisons, yet often they are unable or unwilling to leave. Perhaps they don’t know how?

What did I do? I led him back to his heart. This is the doorway, the only way to exit such a prison. And it requires feeling a lot of pain which, I suppose, is why he would not go through the exit.

It’s easier to tolerate pain when there is someone with you to experience it with you. This is just as true in the Imaginal or in limbic space as it is in the physical world. Together, we felt the pain and he was finally able to open to his heart, to allow himself to feel.

It was a first step but an important one and it was his salvation. I noticed when he left the limbic space, he was no longer vampiric but a fully alive and enfleshed young man. He was full of color and so was the world around him.

I don’t know who was waiting for him but I’m confident that he was met by a guide. I doubt I will meet him again.


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