September 5, 2022

 I saw an ermine at the crossroads in a winter scene. The ermine had the blackest eyes, a portal to liminal space. I entered through the eyes of the ermine, finding an old knight wearing the white robes of the Knights Templar. Beside him was a white shield emblazoned with the red cross of the order. This knight had died in betrayal and was still reeling with the shock of it. He had lived his life true to the dictates of the order, had been virtuous, devout. And still he had been killed in the end as a traitor.

What could I say to him? I could tell he was basically a good guy, although we were worlds and ages apart. No doubt he would have been scandalized to know about me and my life. Still, I was there to help him and I told him that it was time to leave this place. He had been true, therefore no one would judge him harshly. He could leave with a strong heart, with his faith intact.

When we came back to the crossroads, the ermine was still there as was a sainted lady. She was dressed all in white and wore a veil. The knight knew her and she called him to her. The ermine and I watched them go.

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