December 12, 2022

 This morning was more of a meeting than a journey. I was meditating when I realized someone was observing me. I was back in the forest as usual and the trees around me were illuminated by the golden light of my heart. The man observing me was clearly not human and showed up more like an elf than anything else. He was tall and stately and obviously old, although his face was unlined by age. I bowed to him and he approached me. I saw he was wearing a beautiful robe of midnight black with golden stars. Just staring at the robe was mesmerizing and it opened into a portal that took me to a wintry world. I was standing on a snowy cliff looking across a long bridge to a tall white tower. The tower was snowy white with a long, black line running up the center. Near the top was a full moon, glowing with silvery light.

As I gazed out across the bridge, I realized there was a black figure standing at the base of the tower on the other side. I crossed the bridge and discovered the figure was the same being from the forest. He appeared differently now, strangely familiar. His robes were all black now and black smoke swirled around him. Despite this seemingly sinister appearance, though, I could tell he was benevolent and did not mean any harm.

As I approached, he wrapped me in his swirling cloak and deep blackness surrounded me. The call within me was to dissolve into the blackness and be extinguished. I allowed it to extinguish my golden light, opening to the black. The feeling reminded me of the Beloved because it was a homecoming of sorts. This being, I realized, also appeared as the Nightwalker I mentioned in a recent entry here. The Nightwalker was his counterpart in the Native American sphere. Here, however, I saw he was more birdlike. He had deep black plumage and his hands were clawlike. He was quite beautiful and obviously powerful. Again, though, my description makes him sound sinister but he wasn’t.

It wasn’t until the bell dinged on my meditation timer that his name came to me: The Raven King. Of course, I know the Raven King is a figure invented by a British author in the book, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, but the roots of his origin go back a lot further to the ancient Celtic and Norse cultures in Europe. It seems that he has appeared throughout human history in various guises and forms, perceived differently by different people.

I’m not sure why he came to observe me but I think it’s because of my wish to meet up with him again after the journey a few days ago. I could feel the synergy between us and know that we serve similar aims, although I’m sure that is where the overlap ends. He’s clearly an ancient and powerful being and his priorities probably do not intersect the human world much. Still, I could tell that he was curious about me. The fact that he invited me to merge with him shows that our bond goes beyond simple acquaintance.


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