December 26, 2022

 More parasites. There is something going on here with parasitic ‘demons’ that apparently I need to figure out. As you know, I take an ecological view of these entities that feed off of human (and non-human) souls. If we didn’t have mosquitos, bats and birds wouldn’t have food to eat. They are a necessary part of our ecosystem. In the Imaginal, they don’t kill - I think that death is something that only exists in the physical world. Or maybe death exists everywhere but it’s different in the Imaginal. So, parasites don’t get eaten by other entities like they do in the physical world. However, they do appear to have the ability to transform; i.e., evolve and develop. This is still just hypothetical but it’s what I’ve got so far.

Anyway, this morning I was sitting and slowly became aware of three entities watching me. They were kind of creepy. One was sort of feminine, like a female vampire. One was definitely masculine - big and muscular. The other was more classical demonic. He reminded me of a caricature of a demented mascot that might be the symbol of a gang. He appeared to have only one eye and most of his head was a gaping mouth. Not the most pleasant fellow, if you could call him a fellow.

I recognized them immediately for what they were: Demons. They were dark black and sinister. Also, they clearly did not wish me well. However, they were also curious about me and seemed to be assessing me.

Because they intended harm, I wondered if I should be worried. Clearly, if they decided to come at me at once, I would be no match for them. (I’m no match for anything in the imaginal being completely without defenses.) I have to rely either on the inner goodness of the entities I meet or upon my protectors. In this case, I realized that I needed a protector and, no sooner than I had called for one, then she appeared. I was sort of expecting Apis since he’s the big heavy of my protectors but surprisingly it was the one I call the Woman in White. She usually doesn’t come to my aid but rather comes to the aid of the other souls I meet during my journeys.

I really like her. She has a good sense of humor and a dry wit. These were on full display today because she asked me if I was ready to get my hands dirty. I nodded. What choice did I have?

Things are always weird in the Imaginal and this was no exception. She took my hand and our energies combined. Obviously, I wouldn’t call her the Woman in White if her energy wasn’t the energy of pure light. Mine, on the other hand, can be the energy of light but today it was pure blackness. When our energies combined, the result was predictably gray but it was a pearlescent gray and, well, very globby and slimy. In fact, it reminded me of cum. Spunk. Semen.

The gunk covered everything, me, the Woman in White and our three demons. I understood, of course, the stuff wasn’t really semen but the soup of life itself. Life didn’t happen by accident but, in a way, it did. The original protoplasmic soup was awash with all the right ingredients so that when Being was ready, it didn’t take much more than a little spark for it all to coalesce and life to happen. At least, that’s my view. Who knows how it really happened?

In any case, this slimy gunk that was smothering everything was the very stuff of life–Life in potential, ready to explode–and it had a catalytic effect on the three demons. They turned from black to gray and then began to morph. Soon, they had transformed into three hungry maggots. And what do maggots do but feed. They immediately commenced feeding on me.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. At this point, though, I’ve sort of become inured to the weirdness and hallucinatory nature of these journeys. I could feel these three hungry parasites feeding on me and you would think I would have been creeped out. For some reason, I wasn’t. I just let them feed. I got the strong sense that that’s what I was supposed to do. It’s not like they could really do me any harm after all. And aren’t I feeding off life continually, too? I could be considered a parasite on the Earth. In fact, that’s a pretty apt description of humanity.

I have to say that my admiration for the Woman in White increased as a result of this encounter. Not only is she a solid ally, she has a great sense of humor and is game for anything. I could tell she thought being covered in goo was great fun and it didn’t feel the least bit undignified to her. Humanity could use more allies like her.

What will be the result of this bizarre encounter? I have no idea. It may just be a red herring. If anything comes of it, though, I will be sure to write about it here.


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