January 11, 2023

 Today, a sad gargoyle appeared before me in the middle of the ghostly wood that surrounded the crossroads. I’ve been here many times before. Even though the ‘weather’ and daylight varies, it’s always the same place. It was immediately obvious why this gargoyle was so sad: He was a human soul who had been transformed into this giant, grey beast with scaly wings and giant, knobby cock between his crouching legs. Tongue in cheek, I tried to console him that he was pretty hot this way but he didn’t seem to appreciate my humor. He was too busy feeling sorry for himself to laugh and he certainly wasn’t horny. (Hey, I gotta find my fun where I can get it, right? These imaginal journeys tend to be soooo serious!)

I wanted to know how this guy got transformed into a gargoyle. And–voila!--suddenly I was there with him shortly after the death of his physical body. He was in an open coffin in the middle of a steep sluiceway, running through towering gray cliffs. I took this to river to be the equivalent of the River Styx and this guy’s coffin was flowing straight to the gates of hell.

He wasn’t a gargoyle…yet. At this point, he looked like a white guy with red hair and a red beard. Not ugly, not handsome, just very average. He was terrified, probably because he knew where he was going. I had no idea (and still don’t) what he did during his lifetime that led to him being condemned to hell. I didn’t really care because by this point I know that I don’t meet souls in hell until they are ready to be redeemed.

The guy’s coffin hurtled down to hell, entering through a forbidding gate where a dark lord awaited. This dark lord looked a lot like a very big gargoyle so I guess that answers my question about why the poor dude got turned into a gargoyle. As you know from reading these entries, I always bow to every entity that I meet and the dark lord was no exception.

It was a brief meeting because I noticed immediately that the dark lord’s scaly wings were deep black, the color of the Absolute. I knew that was where I needed to go and so I entered that blackness. I found myself in a vast, dark cavern similar to the cavern from my last entry on Jan 8, 2023. Like that cavern, this one was illuminated from above by a ray of light. On January 8, the light was yellowish green and this time it was silvery white. I looked up and saw a star that wasn’t really a star. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Before me stood the red-haired man–back in his gargoyle form, the form he’d been banished into when he went to hell–looking sad and miserable in the small pool of silvery light shining down on him. I knew it was time to be a bit of a hard ass so I figuratively grabbed him by the lapels (dude was naked, of course, so there were no actual lapels) and shook him, saying, “Look up! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t time for you to be free. Look up!”

The sad gargoyle didn’t need any further encouragement. It was kind of funny, I was wondering how the heck he’d get out of the cavern and–Duh!--dude was an effin’ gargoyle with effin’ wings. He just flew right out of the cavern and up to the shining beacon of light. I watched him go, shaking my head. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that but I guess I can be forgiven because I’m not a gargoyle.

As you have noticed, travel for me at least in the Imaginal is pretty easy. I just look at something and I’m there. This time was no exception and I found myself standing before a radiant, silvery white being who was almost too bright to look upon. It was interesting because this being reminded me of the ‘woman in white’ but they were also kind of androgynous. Sometimes, he appeared as male and sometimes she was female and sometimes she was both. This being was ostensibly in the process of escorting a whole flotilla of souls on their journey and our gargoyle guy joined them, although now he was back in this human form and quite a bit happier than when I first met him.

I realize that the celestial guide probably appeared the way they did because they were with so many souls. It’s possible that if it were just me, she would have appeared as the Woman in White. Or maybe he would have appeared like an angel? It’s hard to tell and I didn’t get a good read on them. My inclination, though, is to believe it was the Woman in White in one of her many guises.

I bowed to the radiant celestial being and to the accompanying souls. They bowed back and the being expressed her gratitude for my assisting the lost gargoyle and helping him to return to the road to the next phase of his journey. I know that this entry sounds a bit flippant but don’t take that to mean that I wasn’t deeply touched, nor that I didn’t take the work or the praise seriously.


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