January 18, 2023

 The Archangel Gabriel was the angel who winked at me yesterday as Jesus departed. He visited me again this morning. He’s a funny angel. Very high energy, buzzing. He reminded me the Greek god, Hermes, the go-between. Always seemingly restless and ready to go. He has a androgynous appearance and speaks quickly with a young voice. Like everything in the Imaginal, he can assume any form, any gender. The fact that he is full of energy and exuberance, though, doesn’t mean that he isn’t deep or capable of being utterly still. This last quality, a quality shared by all of the angels, I think is why he sought me out this morning.

He seems to have sought me out to teach me and to help me. At first, he appeared much like yesterday, a divine being of radiant, white light. His mischievous nature, though, was apparent even in this form. He’s also quite flirtatious and curious. In fact, almost as soon as he appeared, he encouraged me to approach him and merge. He immediately was inside me, exploring every nook and cranny. Nothing was outside of his curiosity. 

I was worried because I’m keenly aware that lesser angels are easily corrupted by humans. And I am under illusions that I’m somehow an advanced human being. I’m fallible and full of contradictions, dark places, twists and turns. I’m not pure.

He didn’t seem to care and thought my concern was funny. “This is what I do,” he explained, peering inside me. “Don’t worry!” Like water, when he melts into you, he takes on your inner coloration. Despite his reassurance, I was worried about sullying his purity. Again, he thought I was being silly. “Just relax. You worry too much,” he said, laughing.

This was not at all what I expected from an archangel. I love how down-to-earth and humorous many of the entities I meet are. Not stuffy in the slightest. He continued to merging with me, searching through every part of my soul, never judging, always lighthearted and full of praise. He really enjoyed being inside me and his curiosity was insatiable.

He showed me that he’d been present as the wasp in the Imaginal journey from a couple days ago. I realized that they did seem similar. He said he’d been sent to help me learn how to settle. It seems counterintuitive because he’s so energetic but he actually was a good teacher. I was finally able to settle down during the last half of my meditation. I could feel him inside me, steadying me and helping me to focus and to let go. I can’t deny that I enjoyed his company and, well, everything about him.


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