January 8, 2023: "You have a knack for finding what is lost."

"Wisdom Master"

This was a very strange and interesting series of encounters in the Imaginal, all of which occurred in the last ten minutes of my meditation. This week, it’s been pretty quiet on the Imaginal front as I integrate the experience of living life without the crutch of support from leaning on my superego. I expected today would be “just” another regular meditation. (Really, though, I’m fine with ‘just’ meditating. I mean, that’s the point, isn’t it? Just meditate.)

First, I found myself standing on the broad avenue of a mystical city of yellow and green. Everything was yellow-green: The streets, the sidewalks, the building. Immense and towering buildings rose overhead, all intricately built of the finest stones. It was breathtaking.

Around me, I could feel like I was being jostled by thousands of spirits but the streets were empty. I couldn’t see anyone but I could sense their proximity. I stopped and looked up at the buildings, savoring their majesty. Overhead, the branches of a lemon tree rose up to the sky. When I looked up, one lemon in particular was hanging from the branch just in front of the sun and the sun’s yellow-gold-green rays haloed it like a nimbus. I reached up to touch it and instantly it turned into the black radiant star of the Absolute and I was falling.

As often happens in encounters with the Absolute, I blacked out and my mind was wiped clean for a few seconds before I found myself standing on a stone floor in a vast underground chamber. All around me, everything was pitch black except for a single yellow-green ray of light on the floor. In the center of that ray, lay what I think was a young woman draped in a loose cape. She was facedown and the cloak covered her whole body, including her head. She was not moving and blood trickled on the floor around her. How, I wondered, had she gotten here? Had she fallen?

I knelt beside her and, crying tears of sadness, gathered her up in my arms and held her close to me, feeling her come alive at my touch. I only held her a few moments before I looked up and discovered a mysterious, cloaked figure was standing before me. His robes, like the woman’s, were yellow-green and his face was covered, although I could see a little of his hair emerging from the folds of fabric. I knew he was an angel. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking. He didn’t have wings and certainly didn’t look like the stereotypical angel. Nonetheless, I knew that’s what he was.

The angel motioned for me to approach and I stepped forward, handing the body of the young woman over to him as I did so. He didn’t seem disinclined to linger and turned and walked away, saying over his shoulder before he disappeared, “Thank you. You have a knack for finding what is lost.”

After they were gone, I was alone in the immense chamber. I looked up at the ‘ceiling’ where the ray of yellow-green light originated and found myself once again standing beneath a lemon tree. Its bows were laden with fruit just like the first tree and the sun was shining through its branches. This was not the same tree, though.

I knew where I was.

I have been here before.

Several times.

This was the place where I met Jesus Christ over a year ago. It appears to be somewhere in the Mediterranean in the summertime. The sky is clear blue and it’s hot. Insects buzz in the dry grass all around. I was standing in a pasture and sheep grazed nearby. In the distance, the rolling hills descended to the blue, blue sea. It was very idyllic. Very beautiful.

The lemon tree was beside a small roadway. I knew I was meant to follow it and, even more, I knew where it would lead me. In fact, off in the distance, I could see the little, crude chapel with the golden star on its peak. The same chapel where I met and received Jesus’ blessing all those months ago.

The chapel was the same as before but this time it was empty and the atmosphere inside was much more mysterious. It seemed to contain all of eternity and all of its mysteries within its walls. The light was muted, almost dim. There was a small cross on the altar at the front of the benches. Beside it were a pitcher filled with the purest, cleanest water. And a loaf of bread, broken in two. I approached the altar and instinctively knelt.

My head was bowed but I could feel Jesus’ hands upon my shoulders. They were warm, kind and also mysterious. I began crying for no apparent reason other than I was touched. I could hear his words in my mind:

“Will you drink of this water and remember me?”

I nodded and drank deeply. The water was pure, alive and utterly invigorating.

“Will you eat of this bread and remember me?”

I nodded and accepted a small morsel of bread, savoring its rich, life-giving flavor.

“And will you follow me whenever I call?”

I nodded a third time and then he urged me to stand. Unlike the last time I met him, he did not appear to be human, although he wasn’t not human, either. It was like he was depthless and multilayered, as if all of his many forms were present at once. It was an awesome sight to behold and I couldn’t stop crying.

“Good,” was all he said before departing.

I was left there standing in the little chapel, feeling quite stunned. I looked up, though, and beheld another being, a spirit really, of great mystery. It was multicolored and transparent and as depthless as Jesus had been. I knew this was the Holy Ghost and I finally understood why Medieval Cathedrals have such ornate patterns of stained glass. As light shines through the tapestry of colored glass, one gets the sense of the Holy Ghost being present before one.

As beautiful and mysterious as the Holy Ghost was, though, ‘he’ was also very personal. So personal that I recognized him almost immediately. It was the one I sometimes refer to as Apis. You may recall that sometimes ‘Apis’ appears with ‘blue’ skin that really isn’t blue at all. If you gaze upon him long enough, you see the galaxies and stars of the entire universe in his ‘skin’. Sometimes he also appears as a Hindu god. I’ve never been able to nail him down and this is the point.

I said something like, “Hey, I thought you were a Hindu god! What gives?”

He laughed. “Now you see. Now you understand, little one who is so beloved. I am all of these things and so much more. And yet I most assuredly only thing. I am forever only One.”


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