February 15, 2023

 Imaginal experiences are direct knowledge whereas, as soon as the ego gets a hold of them, they become ordinary knowledge. This means they are reified and turned into experiences that are things. They become abstract symbols that we relate to.  It’s a little frustrating because trying to explain the difference between direct-knowing and indirect-knowing to someone who doesn’t have much experience with direct-knowing is pretty much impossible. I know that all of us do have some degree of direct-knowing but it’s pretty rare.

This morning I realized something about Earth Consciousness that I didn't know before. The Earth is in touch with her siblings scattered across the universe through us, her children. We are conduits for communication between other, living planets. And we can be connected to other conduits; i.e., the offspring of other planets. It’s an ingenious means of extra-terrestrial travel that doesn’t rely on technology. Rather, it’s the spiritual development of the soul that facilitates this.

As usual, it took me a while to understand what was happening. At first, I egotistically assumed that I was being called but soon realized that it had nothing to do with me; I was merely a conduit. Let me explain.

I first became aware of mint green. And then I saw her, a ‘woman’ of an alien race. She had grey skin and was quite different from anyone I’ve met. It was clear that she was not from Earth. It was also clear that she was semi-aquatic or maybe even entirely aquatic. I was in a cave system of green rock. Everything glowed softly as if from bioluminescence but the rock itself was glowing. I understood this to mean the planet itself was alive and glowing with life. (Remember, we’re in the Imaginal here and nothing is literal.)

She led me to a pool of fresh, pure water that was sweet as sugar. I dove in and we swam down through a series of glowing tunnels until we encountered more of her kind. There were perhaps fifteen of them and they ranged in age and gender. They were extremely happy to meet me, although the reason didn’t have anything to do with me; they were happy to form a connection with my home, Planet Earth. I realized then that I was the connection, Earth’s representative if you will, to their home world. And their home world, like Earth, was conscious.

I saw that humans are the natural development of Earth consciousness. As much as we are a blight on our home planet, we are also her offspring and have the capacity to become so much more than what we are right now. We can embody her spirit, giving her voice and agency. We can link her to her siblings through song. The planets, like whales, sing a song. It is the way they communicate, the way they stay in touch and the way they learn. Humans, right now at least, are the singers of Earth’s song. Her song is part of our very nature.

My home planet and theirs sang to each other through us, reaffirming bonds. It was beautiful but it wasn’t all. Soon, I became aware of another race from another water planet. They were deep cobalt blue and clearly warriors. If the green planet was matrilineal, this one was paternalistic. The warriors were overwhelmingly male, or what would be considered male on Earth.

I felt like a bit of an oddball because I’m not aquatic and these other races were clearly mostly aquatic. I get the sense that most other worlds with life are aquatic and it’s somewhat unusual for a non-aquatic species to develop like humans.

I was essentially a bridge between worlds but all three planets were connected and their songs mingled. You might think that there would be tension between the matriarchal and patriarchal races but there wasn’t. They welcomed each other. I realized that it’s possible for there to be harmony and balance even in a patriarchal society. Still, I’m not sure I would want to be part of such a society. (Well, Ok, I guess I am because humanity right now at least is overwhelmingly patriarchal.)

Regardless of my feelings, the three races on the three planets are vital links, maintaining a connection between planets that may be separated by millions of light years, scattered through the galaxy and universe. It makes sense that there would be a way to ‘hack’ the distance between worlds, giving us a real-time connection. Otherwise, how would the planets ever sing their songs to each other?


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