February 16, 2023

 I’m not sure what to make of this morning’s experience. It seems to fall into the “new” experiences; that is, rather than encountering the soul of a dead person, I am basically out of the equation and serve as a catalyst, helping heal a split affecting a (probably) living person. There is no journeying through the Black to retrieve a soul. It’s more like I become the transition between the two ‘halves’ of the person, essentially serving as a doorway through which they pass. As you can see, it’s somewhat similar to the old experiences but also different. These experiences are highly symbolic such that I can’t really tell who I’m interacting with.

At first, I was aware of roiling clouds, touched with fiery orange. I couldn’t tell if it was a sunset or these were clouds billowing out of a volcano. I gradually decided it was a volcano. After a while, I became aware of an entity. It did not appear to be human but, in the Symbolic Realm, it’s hard to tell exactly what things are. This entity had white hair and scorched brown skin. He/she didn’t appear to be aware of me.

The instructions were clear: Do not bow to the entity. Do not do anything. Just hold the space.

It was a lot of work but I could maintain the channel, connecting the depth with the light. Eventually, I realized that I appeared much like the avatar I’ve described in the previous entries. You know, the silver and gold and transparent avatar. There is a sense of being a bridge between two ‘worlds,’ one of light and the other of dark. The entity on the ‘light’ side - which was more of a hellscape so I’m not sure how light it really was - needed to cross through the threshold. On the dark side of the threshold was a black demon with scaly wings. The two side met. It was a pleasant reunion, friendly even.

Nothing much happened after that. The two remained together and there didn’t appear to be anything to do besides do nothing but remain present. The instructions were clear on that: This wasn’t about me and I wasn’t to intrude. My work was to remain invisible and maintain the space and the focus.

These are strange experiences. I’m curious to see where they lead. And, of course, I continue to wonder if I’m just making them up.


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