May 15, 2023

 This entry may sound a little disturbing but the experience was not. If anything, it was the opposite.

Images sifted through my mind before finally settling. First, it was Medusa’s head, then a snake with ruby eyes. The snake slithered through the grass, curling around a human skull. The eyesockets of the skull were black. I entered the blackness and found the body of a warrior. He wore the armor of Greek antiquity. I thought perhaps I’d been called there to assist him but he was not the reason. He was lying, unconscious or dead–I couldn’t tell–on the floor of the cranium of the skull. Beneath him was a bed of something reddish purple. A fungus? It was a mat of succulent fruiting bodies, so close together they formed a spongy carpet. I looked around and the walls of the cranium were likewise covered the fungus. It was pulsing, clearly alive. It’s weird, though, that decay wasn’t the prevailing feeling. Rather, it was life.

I understood that this fungus had a function similar to that of fungus in the physical world. What do fungi do? They break down things, releasing nutrients. What does a fungus in the Imaginal do? It penetrates with its tendrils and absorbs wisdom, spreading it through the ecosystem. Further, it is connected to all other life, forming a web. The cycle of life and death and growth and decay are entwined, inseparable. Nothing is lost, everything is useful. Even further, fungi are an integral part of life on Earth. It is the same in the Imaginal. Fungi are inseparable from the spirit of the Earth.

Mycorrhizae reached out from the walls and floor of the cranium, seeking me. They were like long tendrils, questing for my ‘skin’. I allowed them to touch me. They quickly covered me in a slimy film and then the film absorbed inside me. I could feel the fungus inside me, reaching inward and digesting everything it came in contact with. It had access to everything about me, I held nothing back.

I sensed this process was important, restorative. It’s part of the symbiotic relationship between the physical world and the Imaginal, giving us here below access to the beings above and, in turn, giving them access to us. It’s also connected with Earth consciousness. If we are to begin healing the rift between us and our home, this is an important step. We need to remember who we are and honor that which sustains and supports us.


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