May 16. 2023

 Ah, the Symbolic Realm! Always such a weird conundrum. I have to keep reminding myself that these experiences are, well, symbolic and therefore the imagery is merely pointing toward a truth. It’s not meant to be taken literally.

Today, I thought at first that I was staring at the full moon. Then it seemed like it was a giant eye, rendered mostly white from cataracts. And then I understood what I was looking at: It was an egg case.

I was underwater and staring at the egg case of some strange, aquatic creature that was getting ready to hatch. The little nymph or whatever inside was curled up around its long tail. Its body was like the iris of the eyeball I thought I saw and it did move around like an eyeball in a socket. As I watched, the egg sac ruptured and the creature emerged. It was sort of like a tadpole but, I soon realized, it was actually more like a fish. It possessed two large eyes that bulged outward, bigger than most of its body. I immediately thought of a hammerhead shark but the eyeballs were much larger proportionally than a hammerhead’s. 

The little creature wriggled over to me, observing me with its huge, lambent eyes. At that moment, I realized that I was surrounded by a huge school of adults. They were enormous, easily whale-sized, and quite ferocious-looking. They had large eyes on the sides of their heads like the little creature but the eyes, while big, were more in proportion to their large bodies. They were sort of like sharks, although more sinuous. And, while clearly predators, I could tell they meant me no harm.

I looked around and realized I was in a fantastical ocean world. Large vents on the bottom spewed red-tinged liquid. They looked like volcanoes spewing smoke but they weren’t nearly as large. It was a beautiful, if alien, paradise.

Scanning the bottom, I spied an anomaly. It looked like a steel box, certainly not something one would expect to encounter in this realm. A swam closer to investigate, the little, newly-hatched creature swimming along beside me. When we approached the steel box, it opened, revealing that it was an opening into a submerged chamber or possibly some sort of submarine. Inside, it was pitch black. We entered, swimming downward. The only light came from within me and it showed that the chamber was filled with life support pods (or at least what I took to be life support pods.) Each pod contained a creature in stasis.

We approached one of the pods. It was cylindrical and filled with a golden liquid. Inside, a vaguely humanoid being was floating, his face covered by a breathing mask. He was interesting, appearing to be a cross between a human and a tiger or maybe a lion. Well-muscled and quite handsome, he appeared to be in the peak of health.

As I observed this lion-man, the little fish-like creature swam up to the glass of the cylinder and peered inside with its huge, bulging eyes. As it did so, the man awoke. His eyes went wide when he saw the creature and he immediately started to flail around, eventually breaking free of the cylinder. His muzzle still covered by the breathing mask, he calmed down once he was out of the tube. The little fish-like thing seemed to want us to ascend toward the surface. We did so, following its writhing, wriggling body up, up, up.

When we finally broke the surface of the ocean, I recognized where we were. It was the same place I’ve mentioned before, the place I last encountered Jesus. The wide, shallow sea turned out not to be shallow at all, it was just that the beings could walk on its surface. The lion-man was no exception. As he broke the surface, he pulled himself up and was soon standing on the surface of the water. Casting the mask aside, he strode forward to meet an awaiting host of golden beings. These beings were familiar to me; I’d met them before under similar circumstances.

The little fish and I were left to watch the lion-man depart. The fish looked up at me one last time before turning and splashing beneath the surface of the sea, returning to its family.

I don’t want to read too much into this experience. The bare bones are this: I was called to assist in waking someone (probably in a physical body) to a meeting with beings from another, (probably) non-physical realm. 


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