June 4, 2023

 How to describe today’s experience? I don’t think it had to do with the soul of a dead human but rather seemed to deal with a non-human who had perhaps lost his way and needed to be pulled back into a different realm.

At first I saw the head of a giant monster. It was gray-skinned and had horns. Curiously, his eyes were shining yellow-white. And then I was behind the monster. It’s back was against a rock wall but I could squeeze past because its body was so immense. Behind it, in a crack in the wall, was another realm. It was shining yellow-white, just like the creature’s eyes. I stepped through the crack into the other realm and met a being of a great depth and compassion there. She reminded me of the Woman in White but I’m not sure she was the same entity. The Woman in White is, well, white whereas this realm and this being was more of a buttercream. (Kinda makes me hungry!) I’ve had a number of experiences in this buttercream realm but haven’t called it that until now. It’s hard to see exactly what’s going on there because it is so bright and everything is the same buttercream color.

Tears came to my eyes as I looked at the woman. She was very kind and also somewhat playful. “Let’s get him out, shall we? I think we can do it together.” ‘Does she mean the monster?’ I thought. It turned out that she did.

We moved together back through the crack in the wall and began tugging on the monster’s body. Surprisingly, we found ourselves pulling out the body of a man, or someone who was humanlike at least. He was gray-skinned like the monster and didn’t look well. He was clearly in pain and also seemed depressed. Indeed, the bones of his body were like rubber and he was too weak to even attempt to stand.

“There,” the woman said. “You can handle the rest.” And, with that, she was gone.

I was left in the buttercream world sitting next to the limp body of this unknown man. What could I do but meditate? I sat and waited. His body remained gray and he remained motionless. I sat some more, mindful of the fact that I didn’t need to do anything, that whatever needed to happen would happen on its own.

The sun in the buttercream world slowly sank toward the horizon. As I gazed upon it, I realized it was not just a sun but a tunnel. It led into blackness.

I knew where we needed to go and I helped the limp man to his feet, dragging him toward the tunnel. As we entered, the light faded and we were in complete darkness for a moment before a golden glow appeared. We stepped into a golden/amber world much like the buttercream world we had just left.

Something interesting happened to the man as we entered his new realm. His body lost the grayness and became fully-colored. He also became more vigorous and his bones were no longer rubbery. The realm itself changed, too, and became more vivid and colorful. It was sunset there as well and there were lots of intense colors as well as a lot of deep black.

I knew this place; it is the one I think of as my soul-mother’s realm. Steeped in darkness and chaotic yin energy, it’s a beautiful but deadly and unstable place. The man and I were not in any danger, though, because I realized then that he was like me and he belonged here just as much as I did. He sat down on the ground beneath a giant tree and closed his eyes, meditating.

I joined him in meditation. This chaotic world, while home-like, was also unsettling. Gradually as I sat, I allowed myself to open up to the blackness of the place. This seemed to be an important key to being able to settle and soon I felt restful, peaceful and at one with the place. When I blinked open my eyes, the realm had changed and no longer felt chaotic and unstable. Rather, it felt darkly serene and beautiful. It was now a twilight realm, one with a balance between light and darkness.


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