August 10, 2023

 It’s hard to tell what exactly to make of this morning’s experience. I know what it seems like to me but whether I’m right or wrong, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a thread of truth in it?

I first saw an enormous red sun. It was setting and I was in the clouds on an alien world. I was riding on the neck of an immense reptilian beast. It was like a dragon but also unlike a dragon. Its wingspan was immense and it was flapping its huge, leathery wings languidly over the top of a forest. The forest was both like and unlike anything I’ve seen on Earth. The trees were deep green, purple and blue. The canopy below us was alive with life…very alien life but also somehow similar to Earth. I looked around and saw that I was amidst a ‘flock’ of these dragon-like creatures and there were humanoid beings seated upon their necks as well. These human-like creatures resembled the dragon-lizards with bony crests and armored skin. Neither they nor the dragon lizards seemed particularly welcoming, although they didn’t feel hostile, either.

We approached four watchtowers or landing pads or whatever. I looked at them askance. These ‘towers’ weren’t the gray cliff-like spires as I originally thought. Instead, I realized they were four, fossilized leg bones of an immense creature. The leg bones were spaced apart in a rough rectangle matching the fossilized creature’s stance when it died. I looked below and saw its skull and ribcage enveloped by the forest below. The dragon lizards alighted on these platforms that had been built upon the fossilized leg bones.

I hopped off the dragon onto the platform. There was a fiery portal before me like a door into the bed of an active volcano. The humanoids pushed me towards it in a not very friendly sort of way. I hesitated, not letting them shove me around. We paused and I closed my eyes, waiting. I had a premonition that something was about to happen.

A woman appeared beside me. She wore a multicolored cloak of blues, purples and deep greens. It was the color of the forest below us. Around her throat she wore a shining blue jewel. I bowed to her and she acknowledged me. We stepped through the portal into the fiery volcano together. I picked her up as we sank into the lava and I waded across the expanse of molten rock to a black shelf on the far side of the caldera. Reaching it, I set her down and climbed up beside her. 

She faced the black rock wall of the volcano, pointing at it. I knew we were expected to move through the rock and so I stepped forward and merged into the rock, pulling her along with me. For a moment we were in pitch blackness, lost in the void. And then we emerged into a throne room of sorts. It was circular and very organic, almost like we were in the center of a giant flower. The ‘walls’ were delicate and alive, veined with greens and purples. The place felt both sacred and familiar to me.

Seated on a dais before us was a goddess on a pedaled throne. She was clearly a goddess and not human and reminded me of a Hindu deity. Her skin was blue and she had a red jewel on her forehead and a jade pendant around her neck. She bowed to us as we entered and we bowed to her. 

The cloaked ‘woman’ beside me and the goddess lifted their jewel pendants. Brilliant blue and jade lights burst forth, creating a whorled vortex in the space between them. They motioned for me to enter the vortex and I obeyed. When I stepped forward, I was in another realm entirely. There were black, craggy, volcanic mountains in the distance and long, lush, green grasses waved in the wind before me. I was standing on a plain between mountain ranges on a world where life was still in its infancy.

Before me was a shining white starlike jewel. I looked down and realized there was a jewel around my neck as well. This jewel was deep cobalt with wisps of white. It looked like the earth as seen from space. I knew it was both incredibly precious and a great honor to wear it.

I knelt in the black earth, the long grasses whipping around me and the white jewel shining before me. Somehow, I knew that I didn’t need to do anything or go anywhere. The point of this ‘meeting’ had little to do with me as a person. It was more like I was an avatar chosen by the Earth for this purpose. The connection between Earth and the three worlds I had visited was clear. These other ‘earths’ were like her siblings. They were all connected by the thread of life and, through each of us, they were in touch. These avatars, of which I was but one, were their connection. We were serving as proxy for the hearts of these worlds. That is why it was a great honor.

I knew that meditation was all that was needed and I settled down, bowing my head and emptying my thoughts. I was merely a vessel and I was content to be used however I was needed. It was really the least I could do.

I understand a bit more fully the sacred role of humans. The Earth is quite literally our mother. We could never have evolved and survived without her. And one of our functions is to serve her, to give back, to obey her will. As I meditated, I understood that the Earth is just as healthy as ever. She will survive the Climate Change Catastrophe and whatever other catastrophes we bring upon her. There will be others to replace us humans if we screw up and annihilate ourselves and the majority of species on the Earth. In the meantime, there are some of us who can serve her. It is an honor.


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