August 12, 2023

 Make what you will out of this morning’s meditation.

I first became aware of the sun. It was a huge orb on the eastern horizon, drenching a dewy meadow with its golden light. A form emerged from the sun and approached me. He was male and appeared to be wearing a white robe. He had long hair and a beard. I know what you’re thinking: Sounds like Jesus but this wasn’t Jesus. I don’t exactly know who he was. 

He wanted me to follow him so I did. As we walked across the sunlit meadow, the scene changed and we were now on a desolate lunar plane. The pale light of a moon illuminated the place. It was barren and had no vegetation. The place reminded me of the barren ‘soul lands’ that I sometimes visit during these encounters. 

There was a blue pyramid in front of us. Its side glowed a ghostly, pale blue that was familiar. It’s the same color as the rushing ‘soul river’ that I’ve written about here. The man led me to it and then stopped. I knew I was meant to enter and so I pushed inside, moving through the ‘wall’ of the pyramid without any trouble. Once inside, I extended my hand back through the wall and pulled the man in behind me.

We were standing in the center of the pyramid. It wasn’t very large, barely the size of a big room. Before us was a glowing gold light. I approached it and realized it was an infant child. I reached out and took it in my arms before turning to hand it to the man. He cradled the baby against himself. The baby’s glow suffused his face.

At that moment, I became aware of the presence of a seraph, a being of pure white-gold who appeared in the semblance of a sphinx. The seraph was tall and imposing and too bright to look directly upon. 

“Lead us,” it ordered, pointing at my chest. I looked down and saw that my body had become a black portal.

The man carrying the baby and the seraph moved through me into the darkness. Once they passed through, I followed. The seraph led the way through the darkness. This angel became a portal, too, after a few moments, allowing us to pass through it into the golden realm, the one I call the Land of Truth. Once inside the realm, the seraph stepped through and closed the portal to the void.

The man and the child moved on, leaving me alone with the seraph. There was nothing to do but meditate together. I sat cross legged and meditated, mindful of its regard. It seemed intrigued by me. It also felt like it was imbuing me with teaching, almost like a mentor. It didn’t need to say anything to convey its message: Meditate and be open when you can, you’re providing an important service to all beings simply by being who and what you are.


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