August 13, 2023: "The World Seed"

 Annnnnd just when I think these Imaginal journeys are a figment of my imagination, I have an intense experience like this morning. This one was really quite epic and has left me reeling.

It started out with me seeing what appeared to be a cottony spider egg case, a very large egg case. I could tell something living was inside of it but couldn’t tell whether this was an egg case containing millions of babies, a single creature or perhaps it wasn’t an egg at all? It turned out that it wasn’t precisely an egg, more like a giant fruit. However, there was something living within it. 

It was sort of fig-shaped and this turned out to be closest to the truth because, as I watched, it opened up. I crept forward and peered down inside. Inside, it was like a very large fig but also much more than a fig. It was like staring down into the whirling arms of a galaxy. Billions of stars swirled together to form an intense purple-blue. Out of this swirling cosmos emerged a transparent centipede. It was like liquid water in the shape of a centipede with sparkling jewels trailing throughout its diaphanous body.

The centipede scurried up and out of the ‘fig’ and, taking up position behind me, clutched me with its hundred legs. Instantly, my consciousness merged with it and we were suspended in the cosmos. Galaxies spread out before us like a jeweled blanket. Gradually, the cosmos resolved itself into a realm of white mist with a purple-blue sky.

The centipede had transformed into an angel behind me. “His” hands were upon my shoulders as he guided me forward into this misty realm of death. And it was most certainly a realm of death. It reminded me somewhat of the Crossroads but unlike that realm, this one was filled with the air of tragedy and sorrow. I looked down through the mist swirling at my feet and saw I was walking upon millions and millions of bones. Human and animal. This was an immense graveyard of death and brought to mind Ground Zero of a nuclear explosion. A catastrophic end to all life.

I crunched forward, pushed by the angel toward the epicenter of the blast. When I arrived, I looked down and immediately was overwhelmed by tears when I saw the green shoot of a plant pushing up from the dead soil of the boneyard. It was much more than a simple plant, though. You could call it the Tree of Life because, contained within its jeweled leaves, was all life. It was filled with life, bursting with life. Every expression of life. The experience was crushing, transcendent and hopeful.

It wasn’t hopeful in the usual sense of the word. The hope here was the knowledge of the absolute indestructibility of life. The knowledge that, no matter what catastrophe befalls the world or creation, life will resume. It cannot be stopped.

As I gazed upon the sapling of the Tree of Life, it flourished, growing into a magnificent, full-grown tree. In its branches were entire worlds of life. All of creation was contained within it. I was immediately transported into one of these realms. It looked much like the Earth as I know it today but it was slightly different. It was the future, or more likely, one possible future. In this Earth of the future, balance has been restored and humans (or the new humans) lived in harmony with Nature. The sacredness of life was seen and respected and revered. Holiness was restored. All ground was once again sacred ground.

There was a farm and a field and so much greenery. The Earth was resplendent with green. It was lush and temperate and gorgeous. A horse approached. This horse, like everything else here, was so much more than a horse. Gazing upon it, I realized I could see him as both living and dead. I could see his vibrance as a fully-fleshed, muscular, strong animal and I could see his skeleton in a field of utter blackness. This was the blackness of the Absolute.

And then I was standing in the Absolute with just the skeleton of the horse before me. The angel was still behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He urged me to mount the horse. I did so and the ghost stallion took off at a canter, carrying me to a realm I know well by now: The Crossroads.

Once we reached the Crossroads, I dismounted and stood there with the stallion (who was enfleshed again) and the luminous angel. I could see the Woman in White ahead of me, waiting as she always does.

I was confused, though. Normally, I bring someone with me to the Crossroads so they can meet the Woman and continue their journey. Why was I here this morning? There was no one to deliver.

The angel touched my shoulder gently. It was kind of a light shove. And then I saw.

The seed of all life.

The seed of the Tree of Life.

It lived inside me. I saw it in the center of my forehead like a luminous gem. I knew that, as DNA contains within its code the instructions for all life in the physical world, this seed–this indestructible seed–contains within it the potential manifestation of all living things. All possibilities are contained within it.

And it lives within me.

I finally got it. I finally understood the reason for this journey: It was for me to wake up to this suchness. To wake up to this knowing that the seed of life is me. And further, that the seed of all life requires an awakened soul to live within.

This is why it’s so important to wake up and not go back to sleep.

The soul needs to be awakened to serve creation. Only an awakened soul will not forget. Only an awakened soul will always remember. This is the service the soul performs. This is the soul’s service.

The Woman in White approached me and knelt down before me. I sat with her. Before I began meditating with her, she reached out and took my face in her hands and squeezed my cheeks. “Precious One, you now see why you are called here. You now see who you really are. Guard your treasure by revealing it. It cannot be stolen, cannot be harmed and, most importantly, can never be destroyed because it simply is.”


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