February 27, 2024

 No Imaginal sex today for once. ;-) 

I was really planning to have a simple meditation but it didn’t work out that way. I became aware of the Black and then I realized I was surrounded by a pack of what I thought at first were black wolves. Their eyes glowed light blue, the color I have come to associate with the Land of Souls, for lack of a better name.

These weren’t wolves, though, because, while they seemed menacing at first, I soon realized they were just agitated. They appeared to be huskies which are sort of wolf-like so I can be forgiven for mistaking them. In any case, the black dogs surrounded me, barking insistently and pleading for me to follow them. 

I was still in the realm of the Absolute but it was a border region. All I had to do was look outward and I could see the edge of the realm. Up ahead was a shining blue-white beacon. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. One of the dogs took my wrist in his mouth and pulled me toward the beacon. As we approached, I realized it was a gorgeous pine tree. Tall and majestic, its branches were blue-white. It stood out from the other trees around it by its shining light. This tree, I understood, was serving both as a guide and a protector. It took my breath away to gaze upon it. And it certainly made me rethink my bias toward mammals. Here is a plant that was serving as a guide and a protector. Its wisdom was palpable as was its consciousness. So, people aren’t the only ones to serve this function? Very interesting.

The dogs led me to the tree. I stood before it, gently reaching out with my heart to meet it. It opened to me just as I opened to it and I was touched by its compassion and intelligence. I felt deeply humbled.

Slowly, I realized that it sheltered the body of a man who lay frozen in the snow behind it. The dogs’ excitement increased as we neared his body and, standing over him, I realized this guy was burly and young, probably in his early thirties. He wore flannel and warm clothes and had a thick beard. This was an outdoorsman for sure.

I studied his body, understanding that he died suddenly, probably from a cardiac event. Honestly, though, I don’t know how he died, other than it was sudden. I suspect the suddenness of his death and the fact he was out here alone (except for his dogs) was why he became stuck here and didn’t continue onward. This is why the dogs had dragged me here and why the tree had called me: To help him.

(Was he leading his dog sled team when he died? That seemed to be the case but I’m not positive.)

I knelt down beside him, leaning over him, until he opened his eyes. I could tell by the way he stared at me that he was seeing someone else, someone dear to him. This is pretty common.

I helped him to stand and he embraced me, wrapping his strong arms around me and sobbing.I could see my soul body was that of a woman. Was I his wife or girlfriend or mother? I soon learned that it was the latter.

“We have to go,” I whispered in his ear. “It’s time.”

He nodded, still crying, and allowed me to lead him away from the tree. I bowed one last time to the tree guide and took him into the Black. The dogs followed along with us, making this the first time I think that I’ve escorted pets through the Absolute. When we emerged on the other side, we were at the Crossroads.

Both he and the dogs had changed in the crossing. He was now a cute little baby and they were a bunch of yapping puppies. This is when I realized that he’d seen me as his mother because I was still female (very gender-bendy these Imaginal experiences!) and he was suckling on my breast. I’m not sure but I think that’s a first. I’ve been a woman or girl many times but I don’t think I’ve ever breastfed one of my charges before.

The Woman in White was standing before us and the puppies came running at her, mobbing her. She laughed when she saw me, saying, “Wow, so now you’re a mother, huh?” Reaching out, she accepted the baby from me and moved him over to her breast, commencing to feed him. With that, she turned and walked away with the puppies gamboling along behind her.


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