March 10, 2024

 Not quite the usual journey this morning but somewhat close. I’m up north visiting my mother in the house where I grew up. I’ve been aware for a while of the spirit of the land up here. I don’t quite know how to describe it other than I can feel it embrace when I return. I am mindful of expressing my gratitude when I return. Revering the sacred and giving thanks for the blessings received from the living land is important. So much of what I am learning is the importance of the sacred and the need to place it in the center of our lives. We have lost so much reverence that it is time to restore it.

This morning during meditation I became aware of the spirit of the land. I welcomed the experience and soon was visited by another spirit. (The spirit of the land didn’t have a shape or form but was more of a presence whereas this other spirit had a human form and was definitely female.) I recognized this other spirit as a resident of the sacred land in this nonphysical realm. It’s nonphysical yet an expression of the physical. 

As I sat, I could feel my spirit merging with the spirit of the land and this other spirit. At first I felt guilty because, as a human living on this earth, I have done nothing but take. I could feel the generosity and goodness of the land. The generosity was unabated. Gradually, I became aware of something I hadn’t realized before. Now, I’m not using this as an excuse to continue consuming and destroying the planet, nor does it make up for my immense debt for taking so much. However, I could feel that one way humans return the generosity of the land for giving us life is by returning our lifeforce to the land.

I could feel my spirit connecting to and merging with the land. It was a heart-origin kind of connection and my heart, which was overflowing with the generosity of Being, tapped into and nurtured the generosity of the land. There was a reciprocal kind of giving, one that amplified each without diminishing either. It has no counterpart in the physical world which is governed by physics and entropy. It was beautiful.

The other, individual spirit came forward and I recognized her presence from my childhood. I could feel her love for me and her concern. I also felt tremendous gratitude for her kindness and support during the rough years of my childhood. I realized that I would not be here now without her implicit yet constand support. Somehow, we’d found each other across the veil of the physical world. She had leant me support and steadiness, helping me to connect with the life-giving and life-sustaining force of the land.

I believe she lived a human life once but now was living in this other realm that was connected implicitly to my own. There was a gentleness and sweetness to her presence and so much compassion and intelligence. How to describe the debt I owe to her? It’s impossible. The least I could do was connect with her in the way I was connected to the land. Our essences mingled, augmenting and amplifying each other.

After a while, I became aware of her brother. (Whether an actual brother or a brother of her clan, I don’t know.) He was less friendly than she was and curiosity and malice toward me vied for dominance inside him. He radiated an intense warrior energy that was both hot and dark. My body became radiant black and he found this blackness intriguing. He was particularly interested in checking out my heart which was an even deeper black than the rest of me.

Like with his sister, I opened to him and invited him closer. He approached and my soul became a doorway to the lovely, deep, dark woods of my origin. My forest was silent, the trees immense and the air humid with sultry summer. Fireflies flitted here and there amidst the trees. Soft, lush grass was at our feet. He gazed about the sacred grove in wonder. It was equal in beauty to his own realm but also different.

He lay down on his back in the grass, hands behind his head, looking up at the trees. I joined him, lying beside him. We were both naked but there was no sense of flirtation or sexual tension. This wasn’t that kind of meeting. It was more of a laying down of arms, or leaving ourselves open to the other. Platonic sharing.

The doorway was open between our two realms and that doorway was my soul. I left it open and the breeze from one could drift over into the other. There was a feeling of mutual communion, of reciprocity. I still felt resident in his realm and he was resident in mine. 

We didn’t speak. There were no words, only silence.

Slowly, I became aware of the presence of the Woman in White. She was regarding us in silence. I silently introduced her to this brother and his sister. She revealed that, like them, she had lived human lives before, too. “How else would I know how to serve human souls?” she asked rhetorically. 

The rest of the meditation was spent just lying there, allowing everything to mingle and mix, to cross-pollinate. This felt important. At the end, I could feel an unspoken invitation from the Woman in White to the brother and sister: “Come to me when you’re ready to be reborn.” They did not immediately take her up on the offer but I could tell they were intrigued.


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