December 1, 2021

 It seems like by being Being, we are able to transcend the temporal or maybe it’s more accurate to say that as an embodied being, we have the potential to be aware of simultaneously being in both the temporal and the numinous. By numinous, I mean the realm outside of time and space or inclusive of it. The temporal is manifest in time and space so I guess you could say the numinous includes the temporal. I guess, I’m trying to say that our awareness can be located in the numinous which means it also includes the temporal. Clear as mud?

I write this because I was called into the numinous once again and found myself in another time and place. Or least in the representation of another time and place in the numinous. This time, I was inside a tomb. It was ornately decorated in a style that may have been Egyptian or maybe even Minoan. I couldn’t place the decor exactly but it was clearly from a long time ago.

Apis (which is the name I’m using these days to refer to the entity who holds my left hand during meditation and who can sometimes appear as a blue-skinned bull) was there with me or maybe we were there together as one. It felt like I was called there because I’m human and Apis is not. It seems to be important for reasons I don’t completely understand for a human soul to be present to help ‘wake’ and guide the soul of another human being after their body is dead. In any case, I was there with or comergent with Apis and we were looking down inside the sarcophagus contained in the tomb.

There was a blue-skinned, old man inside the sarcophagus. I got the sense the reason he was blue-skinned was because he was dead and the skin of his corpse had turned that color. He was quite old with a long, white beard and long, white hair.

Rather than being sad or creeped out, I felt pervaded by a sense of euphoria. It was an undeniable feeling of celebration. The reason was clear: This man had lived a good life and now was being ‘rewarded’ by continuing on in his journey. Apis was there to take him along but there was no sense of urgency; we could simply enjoy this waking of the dead and the happiness of being reborn into the journey.

Unlike most of the other times I’ve met the dead during my meditations, this time the dead man was not lost or stuck. He was whole and full of contentment and wonder. Apis and I sat with him for a while, savoring the moment.

At some point, I found myself up on the surface, outside of the crypt. At first, I thought it was dawn because a bright sun was shining before us. Then I realized the light was the light of the Divine Father come to welcome his child. The old man no longer resembled a corpse but was pure white and sweet. His soul looked and tasted like fresh, pure, sweet milk. Embracing the soul of the old man, Apis guided him into the light of the Divine. I realized then that the Divine as perceived by the Egyptians as the Aten and Yaweh by the Jews and Allah by the Muslims and the Father by the Christians was the same Divine. Much like Apis has appeared throughout human history in a variety of forms, so, too, have we perceived the Divine in evolving ways. It’s like you could draw a line through all of these various forms, connecting them all to the same aspect of the Divine.

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